DāM-FunK – Interview, Live Set, Mix + Film


We’re so thankful for this living Los Angeles legend. As an ambassador of the long lineage of progressive Funk music from the city of angels, DāM-FunK has released a nearly incalculable amount of music via his social media channels and the equally venerable Stones Throw label. A true mold-breaker, DāM has defied convention since releasing his 5-disc debut record Toeachizown.

DāM’s already storied career includes full-length collaborations with SLAVE’s Steve Arrington, as well hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg as part of the “7 Days of Funk” group. An additional album of tracks showing off DāM’s funky-prowess from a young age was released as “Adolescent Funk”.

As part of this Sound Share L.A. artist profile, we delve into Dām’s world with full force…

DāM is an avid proponent of vintage synthesizers and drum machines. We love seeing (and hearing!) the devices he collects, so it was a perfect fit to see him DJ and perform live on the Roland Radio web-series:

Aside from being an incredibly active composer, Dām is one of our absolute favorite DJs and musicologists. He’s known for blasting out lists of YouTube videos of music recommendations via his Twitter profile, and has zero hesitation when suggesting musical gems for the world to discover. With encyclopedic knowledge of obscure funk, disco and – honestly – most musical genres, he has single-handedly revived forgotten discographies and renewed interest in some of funk’s heaviest hitters.

This DJ Set is classic DāM-FunK. Soulful, eclectic and expertly mixed, this is Funk-101 for unfamiliar ears:


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Here’s an another amazing mix, this time from DāM’s softer side – an all-vinyl Soft Rock mix for dublab:


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Dām’s long time booking agent and friend Thanksgiving Brown conducted this ernest interview in October of 2013. They candidly discuss everything from Dām’s musical life on the road, the perils of social media and his collaboration with Snoop Dogg:


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