Harold Budd – Interview


Harold Budd holds a hallowed place in our minds. His ambient and avant-garde compositions are expressions of dynamic beauty. Harold’s sonic creations have highly inspired our love of minimalist magic. He has created stunning solo work as well as collaborations with the likes of Brian Eno and the Cocteau Twins. Recently Mr. Budd graced the dublab studio to share insights into his musical journeys of the past, present and future. In this casual conversation with us, Harold touches on: the 1960’s LA jazz scene, abstract painting, renaissance counterpoint, his Army days with Albert Ayler, the early phase of CalArts, the London avant-garde sound circle, a fondness for David Sylvian, minimalizing himself out of a career, beautiful inspirations, solitary creativity, his current sound explorations and much more. We hope you enjoy this interview with Harold Budd and continue on to explore his wonderful music.


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