The Fantastic Four (Dusk, Cut Chemist, Marvski, Nu-Mark) + One More (DJ Shadow) – Live at the Rootdown


The Root Down holds a place of high legend in the history of the Los Angeles underground music community. Every Thursday night for over a decade the Root Down gathered LA’s soul/funk/hip-hop/roots/latin music lovers under one roof to dance and socialize. For six of those years the roof over The Root Down was a spot called Gabah. It was an unassuming joint on Melrose Avenue in East Hollywood. The biggest action in the neighborhood was usually the constant flow of cars on and off the freeway ramps. What those car didn’t know, as they whizzed past in their bubbles, was that another bubble was vibrating nearby.

The Root Down was a community cocoon. A fresh zone of soulful, forward thinkers who gave respect due to the pioneers of the past while creatively chopping their way into the future. The Root Down braintrust: Loslito, Miles Tackett, Dusk (Rest in Peace!) and Wyatt Case ensured that every guest who hit the stage was legit or legendary. This quality control kept the vibe high and made the club a classic. Soon after dublab’s founding, in the fall of 1999, we were honored to be welcomed into the Root Down on a weekly basis to record every moment of the musical magic. We were especially lucky to be there on June 15, 2000 as The Fantastic Four (Dusk, Cut Chemist, Marvski, Nu-Mark) + One More (DJ Shadow) lit up the place.

This was not long after Cut Chemist & Shadow’s legendary “Brainfreeze” show hit LA and the city was still buzzing. It was also a birthday celebration for Root Down regular, the seminal photographer B+ of Mochilla. Oh yeah, Prince Paul was mingling in the crowd as well. This recording has not been heard for over a decade. It’s a time capsule that’s timeless. You can feel the energy resonating through Dusk’s words on the mic, the crowd’s applause and each fresh jam dropped. Enjoy!


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