Van Dyke Parks – Interview + Live Set


The first time I met Van Dyke Parks was after a Rotary Room performance he had with Ramblin’ Jack Elliot in 2011. It was at the top of the stairs, back stage of Little Temple on Santa Monica Boulevard in East Hollywood. I helped with the production of his subsequent Rotary Room concert later that year. (My interest in his music was influenced by the deep Love my fellow dublab DJs Hoseh and Nobody had for The Beach Boys. I was a johnny-come-lately to that whole world having raised myself more on Jazz and Hip-Hop. There were about 10 years for me to catch up before being in his immediate presence, and I’d since become very aware of his productions, arrangements, lyrics, and recordings.) We spoke in passing – he was very nice, witty and grand, smiling big, charming, storytelling, and enjoying his time with all the musicians…


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…When dublab asked me to interview him in their studio, (located above The Virgil – the new incarnation of the venue I’d met him in 3 years earlier,) I thought about how fun it would be, and how fitting it was that we’d get to talk in depth just a few foot steps away from where we’d first come into contact. Not sure he recognized me when we met again that morning, but we dove right in and had a blast! Hope you enjoy the interview! I intentionally approached it from the energy of being a fan, supporter and enthusiast of his work. Long Live Van Dyke Parks! – Carlos NiƱo


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